The Village Recommends – August 2021


What our Village team are reading, doing and listening to at the moment




The Wisdom of Trauma

I watched Dr. Gabor Maté’s new film The Wisdom of Trauma last week, this is a powerful film. The words that resonated with me the most were “Children don’t get traumatised because they get hurt, they get traumatised because they’re alone with their hurt”. I believe this to be true for adults too. We need support and to be heard. We need to rely on other people to hold us and work through trauma until a point when we can learn to heal ourselves. ~ Yasmin




The Male Doula – The Better Birth Podcast by Erin Fung

Having a male midwife has sparked an interest in hearing more about male midwives and doulas. I enjoyed listening to Matt on the Better Birth podcast, but he also has his own podcast if you want to hear more from him. ~ Cat




Period power – Maisie Hill

I have recommended this book to so many people. If you don’t have time to read the book, or want to double-down on the brilliant information this podcast is an absolute must. The episodes are short and easily-digestible and there’s SO MUCH GOLD in them! ~ Emma




Barefoot walking

I went for a walk in Dulwich and Sydenham Woods with Sarah Parker last week and we took our shoes and socks off! Sarah has got nearly everyone on The Village team wearing ‘barefoot’ shoes and is a passionate ambassador for grounding yourself in nature. It was definitely a really great feeling – especially the cool of the slightly damp but compacted mud. There were a few prickly holly leaves but no glass, poo or spikes on the paths so my feet were unscathed. They just got gloriously grubby and got to feel all the contours of the earth. ~ Molly




The XX Brain by Dr Lisa Mosconi

I recommend this book as there is ground breaking science leading you to a fuller, longer and more vibrant life; reducing your risk of Alzheimers as an added bonus!! It’s not hard to see from this book that the answer to all of our health issues is living closer to nature and reducing and detoxing from anything that is not in line with nature herself. ~ Sarah P



Join us at The Village to chat with us about these in real life! And let us know if you have any recommendations of your own that your fellow Villagers might be interested in.

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