Maternal Journal

Maternal Journal uses creative journaling to help restore some balance around the new feelings and challenges you might experience, both physically and emotionally, through pregnancy, birth and parenthood.

By setting up a regular creative practice, you allow yourself time and space to record and reflect on your experiences: both happy moments and tougher times. This group is a chance to connect with other parents and share your experiences in a supportive space.

The topics covered include:

    • Advice in pregnancy and parenthood

    • Your relationship with, and feelings about your pregnant or postnatal body

    • Who I was/I am/who I want to be

    • Your feelings around pregnancy and birth and how you're feeling today

    • Exploring the changes that come with motherhood/parenthood

    • Revolutionary motherhood

Please be aware that strong feelings can emerge during the group workshops, and they are not recommended for people with a history of severe mental illness.

Who is this for?

Mothers with children of any age are welcome to attend Maternal Journal, but we ask that you only bring babes-in-arms/pre-crawlers with you to this course. This is so you can use this time to focus on yourself, your journalling, and your wellbeing.

When is it?

This is a six week course and each session is two hours long. See below for dates, times and booking.

Where is it?

Corbett Community Library, 103 Torridon Road, Catford, London, SE6 1RQ

Do I need to bring anything?

A journal and all art materials are provided, so just bring yourself.

Who leads it?

Sarah Tessier is a postnatal doula, antenatal teacher and mum of two. Originally from Canada, she now calls Lewisham home. She was drawn to supporting new families because she had two very different birth and postnatal experiences and knows first hand the difference that good postnatal support can make. Birth lasts a relatively short time compared to the rest of someone’s life as a parent and it’s vital that families plan for the postnatal period as  much as they plan for birth.

Working with parents both as a postnatal doula and as an antenatal teacher, Sarah sees day in and day out how important it is for parents to be supported by a ‘village’ – whether that’s by other parents or services and professionals, which is what The Village aims to do.

To hear more from Sarah about the course, watch these videos:

How much is it?

Standard £85

Pay It Forward £95

Discount £40

See information on our pricing.

How do I book?

See below for available dates and to book your place.

"I was apprehensive to sign up at first but I've had the most wonderful journey and experience - it's been a bit like therapy and has forced me to carve out time for myself each week to draw, reflect and create."