Sling Library & Carrier Support

Hold your baby close and free up your hands to make a cup of tea.

Meet Sarah, our babywearing consultant and get help to figure out what type of carrier will suit you and your baby at the moment. If you find one you like, you can hire it from the South London Slings library (this costs extra). If you already have a sling that you’ve bought or someone has given you, bring it along. Sarah can show you how to use it.

Ask questions, learn about safety and practise how to adjust your sling to get the perfect fit.

Book your place online below. Sarah will see people in the order they arrive at the session and can spend around 10-15 minutes with each person.

This session is for advice on front or hip carrying only. If you want to learn how to back carry or want a longer, more in-depth consultation, please book an appointment through the South London Slings website.

This session happens at the same time as The Living Room, so you can meet other parents, chat and have a hot drink and a biscuit while you wait for your turn.

Who is this for?

Parents with babies or young children. Expectant parents getting ready for their baby’s arrival.  

When is it?

This is a weekly session. See below for exact dates and to book.

Where is it?

Corbett Community Library, 103 Torridon Road, Catford, London, SE6 1RQ

Do I need to bring anything?

Bring your own sling or carrier if you want Sarah’s advice on how to use it or get it to fit better. If you are planning on hiring a sling, please register for an account with South London Slings.

Who leads it?

South London Slings is run by Sarah, a mother to two, a former nursery nurse and midwife. She is passionate about helping people on their parenting journey with slings and carriers. Sarah has studied with three babywearing schools: Born to Carry, School of Babywearing and SlingaBaby, first as a peer supporter, then as a babywearing consultant.

She has completed various professional development courses including Babywearing in Special Circumstances (Premature Babies & Additional Needs) and Breast/Chest & Bottle Feeding in Slings. She has also undertaken LGBTQ+ Competency Training with The Queer Birth Club.

How much is it?

Standard £7.50

Pay It Forward £10

Discount £0

See information on our pricing.

How do I book?

See below for available dates and to book your place.