The Living Room

Your chance to meet other local parents, chat and relax.Did you know that humans are a tribal species? We are meant to live in groups. We are meant to have help and support from people who are always around us. This is where the phrase ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ comes from.However, modern life tells us that we should live in our own spaces and be independent of others. It’s not how humans are meant to live, so it’s no surprise that we can find things tricky when we have our own kids!

We are here to help. Come and hang out in our ‘Living Room’ and meet other parents in our community.

We don’t care if you’ve washed, we don’t care if you’re wearing the same clothes you wore yesterday and we don’t care if you’ve got baby sick in your hair. Just come! We’ll make you a cuppa, get you a biscuit and you can chat with other parents. You never know: you might make a lifelong friend.

You don’t need to arrive promptly at the beginning of the session. We know what it’s like trying to get out of the house with babies. Come as you are, when you can, and don’t be shy if this is your first time.

Who is this for?

Parents with babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

When is it?

This is a weekly session. See below for exact dates and to book.

Where is it?

Corbett Community Library, 103 Torridon Road, Catford, London, SE6 1RQ

Do I need to bring anything?

We have toys, mats, hot drinks and biscuits. You just need to bring any snacks and packed lunch you and your family need.

Who leads it?

There isn’t a leader for this session. Just come along and meet other parents. Our friendly Village team will be on hand to welcome you and help if you have any questions.

How much is it?

Standard £3

Pay It Forward £5

Discount £0

See information on our pricing.

How do I book?

See below for available dates and to book your place.