Meet a Villager: Bo


This is the first in our new series of blog posts: Meet a Villager. Get to know your fellow local parents who are regulars at The Village and learn more about how our services have helped them.

This time meet Bo, who is a regular on our Walk & Talk at Mountsfield Park.

How were you finding the early days of parenthood before you came on your first walk?

As a first-time mum, a steep learning curve! I came to the first Walk & Talk when my daughter was only 2.5 weeks but I was keen to get some fresh air, get a coffee and meet other mums.

How did you find out about The Village?

I heard about it from my neighbour and the Corbett Library is a two minute walk from my house.

What was your experience like on that first walk?

Great but it took forever to get ready and leave the house so the first one was a little stressful. It was lovely to meet other mums and exchange experiences and advice. I’m new to the area too, so I was keen to meet new people.

What difference has attending the walks made to your wellbeing and life on maternity leave?

Just great to get into the routine of leaving the house, especially in the first few weeks, gaining more confidence as a new mum and finding out how other new mums are coping. And obviously a bit of exercise and a coffee at Mountsfield Park is nice.

Anything you found tricky about getting to the walk?

Getting ready and just the effort to leave the house. There were many last minute nappy changes and feeds, not to mention skipping the shower. You just can’t predict what baby will do and that’s ok.

What tips can you share that would help and reassure a parent thinking about coming to a walk?

Prep the night before but also don’t stress if you’ve not got everything. Nappies can be changed in the pushchair and you can feed on the bench. No one will watch or judge you and eventually you’ll become a pro at this! 🙂

What other Village services have you used?

I did pregnancy Pilates with Brenda and feeding support with Lisa, both excellent. Currently looking to book postnatal Pilates with Brenda. I heard good things about Mummy MOT too!

Any final thoughts?

We’re lucky to have local support like The Village London, get out there and make the most of it!



If you would like to join a Walk & Talk with us, click here to choose a park and book your place.

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