The Village Recommends – July 2021


What our Village team are reading, doing and listening to at home.




Free to Learn by Peter Grey

I am an avid reader of developmental psychology books and papers- partly for my own healing journey and partly to understand what is going on in my child’s development. This book is all about play (which I struggle with as find it hard to be silly) and trusting our children to steer their own learning and development – it really helps me to let go of my own pre-conceptions of what Lennox should be doing & should be learning right now. This book is probably more for the folks who are interested in home-schooling / democratic education. ~ Yasmin




Why Grandparents are important – The Why Factor from the BBC

At a time where many families in the UK have experienced separation for the first time from grandparents, I was drawn to hear about grandparents becoming the full time carers for their grandchildren. ~ Cat




Unlocking Us – Brené Brown

Every episode of this podcast is brilliant and timely. I’ve been listening to this while out walking and have found myself laughing, crying and having my mind totally blown. ~ Emma





Motherland is back for Series 3. From the opening scene of the pandemic style press conference parody about a nit outbreak to it’s tackling of marital breakdowns, loneliness and the usual school gate politics the newest series is definitely worth a watch! ~ Sarah T




Wheel of Misfortune

Not really to do with parenting – although there are definitely some cringey stories about parents! In this podcast, comedians Alison Spittle and Fern Brady tell hilarious and embarrassing stories, with a special guest and listeners contributing via voicenotes. My stomach and face ached with laughing during the episode about poo. ~ Molly



Join us at The Village to chat with us about these in real life! And let us know if you have any recommendations of your own that your fellow Villagers might be interested in.

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